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Vehicle tracking system gains popularity in Kenya

A tracking system that enables a car owner to monitor his vehicle full time from across the world is gaining popularity in the country.

The system is gaining currency because it is cheaper and can monitor vehicles which are as far as South Africa.

A mobile handset interface provided with the system includes use of Google Maps on the internet to track a vehicle which means owners can help the police in tracking stolen cars.

The growing trend among car owners who are sceptical of tracking firms is to use a combination of GSM (Global System for Mobile communication), GPS (Global Positioning System), and GPRS (General packet radio service), all of which converge to give data on the vehicle owner’s phone.

The system generally uses mobile telephone frequencies, satellite and mobile internet systems to know where a vehicle fitted with the system is located.When one subscribes to the system, a device is fitted into the car and activated, this links to the servers of Track and Trace and its global partners and also on the mobile phone of the vehicle owner.

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