Our Location

Solanite Limited godowns Mombasa Road,Cabanas stage near Tuskys Headquarters

About Us


Numeral IOT has set up structures in line with manufacturing of electronic devices as well as a technical team for development and production.

The corporate culture of the company is to always foster innovation among the staff and through our clients. These innovations provide solutions for the day to day African challenges.

Our production plant is located at the Solanite Godowns, Mombasa Road, Nairobi, Kenya.


1. We empower our customers by sending alerts, data, reports and analytics so that they can make better business decisions. Using our trusted combination of turnkey solutions —hardware, software and service. We drive revenue and unlock valuable insight for each of our customers.
2. Our team of qualified electronic and software engineers will help you design and develop your electronic device concepts.
3. We Have a full assembly of surface-mount technology (SMT) system to manufacture electronics making it an affordable option to manufacture circuits locally.
4. The company was founded by Morris Mbetsa a renowned inventor and celebrated entrepreneur who saw the niche in the market and kick started the Numeral IOT journey

Morris Mbetsa


Morris Mbetsa is the founder and CEO of Numeral IOT and has over 15 years of experience in Innovation and Technology. He is a leading African innovator and a Washington Fellow.

Morris has worked with institutions such as IBM and Microsoft among others and continues to use his knowledge inventing technological solutions to social and economic problems that face society

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